/ Manchester

Utopias Exhibition, 23rd February 2020

“Utopia is, at its essence, about creating a perfect world, yet in this way, it is always in opposition with the present”.

Utopias, 11am, Sunday 23rd February 2020, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Come along to the Whitworth Gallery and join us as we explore this new exhibition. All ages welcome. Meet at the entrance, no need to let us know in advance. We will head to the cafe afterwards for lunch or just drinks, and of course a debrief on how we enjoyed the exhibition.

The gallery describes the exhibition as follows: "In his seminal book Utopia (1516), Thomas More gave name and form to an idea that captured the human imagination - that of aspiring to an ideal future, an improved world, a better society. This exhibition will bring together historic and modern and contemporary works to examine how utopian strategies have been imagined, represented and tested in the Whitworth Collection."

The art gallery is on possibly the busiest bus route in Europe, so getting there by public transport should be easy. If you are driving then you may wish to use Wilmslow Park car park.