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Enter the Mensa North West Photography Contest 2019

Show off your photographic prowess, for a chance to win £100.

Closing date June 14th 2019.

The theme for this year’s contest is ‘Sunlight’. Interpret this in any way your creativity decrees - sunset, dawn or metaphor, irony or contre-jour, we leave the choice to you.

This contest is open exclusively to members from our region, and the winner takes not only the prize, but will have their photograph featured on the Mensa North West website, and in our regional newsletter.

And, best of all, entry is absolutely free!

How to enter:

Email your entry, along with your name and membership number, to contest@mensanorthwest.com.

The Judges:

Leon Bokhove – Leon is a commercial and portrait photographer, based in The Netherlands. He’s been photographing ever since leaving the military, and after graduating photography school he quickly started specialising in commercial and portrait work. Among his clients are the biggest podotherapists as well as many well known artists in the Dutch hard dance scene.

Mike Cummings – Mike is best known to North West Mensans as the editor of NOW. Since 1998 he has lectured in photography, both traditional and digital. He misses the smell and solitude of a darkroom as well as timing the decisive moment to squeeze the shutter on a frame of 35mm, but loves the creative freedom of digital. He frequently exhibits his own photography and digital artwork including calendars and a book of 3D anaglyph photos. He is currently researching the effects of social media on creative workers and assists in boosting the social media profile of art institutions.

Eugene Hopkinson – Eugene is a C++ programmer working in finance. He has previously worked professionally in press photography, but these days he shoots in a strictly amateur capacity. Eugene's areas of focus are wildlife photography, architectural abstracts, landscape, and environmental portraiture. His wildlife photographs have won a number of awards, and have been featured in UK photography magazines.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The contest is open exclusively to current members of Mensa North West.

  2. The closing date for this contest is midnight on 14th June 2019. No entries will be accepted after this time.

  3. Entries must submitted by email, to contest@mensanorthwest.com. No other submission methods will be accepted.

  4. Entries are judged anonymously, and the entrant’s name should not appear within the photo itself.

  5. One entry per contestant, taken with a digital camera.

  6. The photograph must have been taken since the announcement of the contest (20th February 2019).

  7. Entries in JPEG format only.

  8. Must retain EXIF data from the camera.

  9. Maximum image size 1200px on the longest side.

  10. Editing (post-processing) is permitted and encouraged, with the following sub-rules:

  • Global colour, contrast, tonemapping, hue and curves adjustments all permitted.
  • Black and white conversions are permitted.
  • Cropping and resizing are permitted.
  • Sharpening, both global and selective, is permitted.
  • Spot editing is permitted to remove sensor dust, hot pixels, and minor* distracting elements of the scene (power lines, distracting reflections).
  • Selective contrast, tone and curves adjustments are permitted (dodging and burning), as long as they do not remove major* elements or create new visual elements in the scene.
  • Other selective editing, such as selective desaturation or gaussian blur, are not permitted.
  • No major* visual elements of the scene may be removed from the image.
  • No new visual elements may be created by any effects in post-processing. This includes added text and watermarks of any kind.
  • The original (unedited) image must be retained, and may be requested to validate any entries. If in doubt, feel free to send the original unedited image along with your submission.
  1. Multiple photographs may be combined to make a single image, with the following sub-rules:
  • All photographs must be of the same scene, with no substantial changes of subject between exposures. This is intended to allow HDR photography, stitched panoramas, timelapse photography, light-painting, noise reduction, etc. The camera may move between shots, the exposure may change, lighting in the scene may change, or time may pass. The same subject changing positions between images is not permitted, nor are combinations of different scenes or the same scene from different angles.
  • All original contributing files must be retained, and submitted along with the combined image for verification.
  1. In the case of any ambiguity in the above rules, the judges will decide whether the entry adheres to the spirit of the rules or not.

  2. The winner will be notified by email, and announced in NOW, the North West Regional Newsletter.

  3. The winning entry, and a selection of commended photos, will be published indefinitely on the mensanorthwest.com website. The winning and commended photographs will also be printed in NOW. Entering the contest gives Mensa North West permission to publish your entry in this way.

*What constitutes "minor" or "major" visual elements will be decided by consensus of the judges

James H. Oldfield

James H. Oldfield

James is a husband and a father. When time permits, he's some other things too. Junior Members and Families Officer, for Mensa North West. Also occasional poet, writer and all-round mangler of words.

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