Events FAQ

Who are the Event Organisers in our region?
Quite simply, you are! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to organise events.

If anyone can organise an event, what is the Events Team for?
The Events Team was formed with the intention of facilitating events in the region and to be a clear point of contact for anybody interested in hosting. Everyone in the Events Team has experience of planning Mensa events, liaising with HQ and using our online infrastructure to promote them.

Why are there no events near where I live?
While the Events Team do host events ourselves, we primarily exist to help other people organise them, and we couldn’t possibly manage to cover events across the entire region.

If you can’t make it to any events because they are too far away, chances are that the hosts of those events would have to travel that far to come to you. However there may be other Mensans nearby who would also like to meet up.

If you’d like an event nearer to where you live, then let us know. We can discuss ideas for finding other Mensans near you who we could put in touch to arrange an event, or perhaps there is something exciting going on that other Mensans may travel far for as a one off.

How can I organise an event?
You can email the Events Team on with your idea, and we will liaise with you to find a suitable date. We can then work with you to write a blog post and to publicise the event online. We’ll also add a notice in the magazine, if lead times allow.

Do I have to involve the Events Team?
No, nobody has to involve the Events Team, but there are lots of benefits to it. There are several sections of the region’s infrastructure that have necessary controls in place.

Firstly, the Events Team have access to, so we can help you write a blog post. Depending on how much you would like to do, we could either give you authorship access to the blog, or write the entire post for you. Either way, you’d need to get in touch with us.

Theoretically, you don’t need Events Team help to create a Facebook event in our group. However, Facebook has many nuances that are not immediately obvious. One of these is that only group admins have the ability to invite all members of the group to an event - so by us creating the event for you, a greater audience will be reached - and the more the merrier, of course!

It can be easier for us to liaise with the office on your behalf if you would like to send out an email, and it is useful for us to be aware of any communications going out to the NW so we don't have too many at the same time.

The magazine listings are also collated by the Events Team to send on to the office. All regions have a single point of contact for this purpose - we know how to format them in the way the office like, and what the deadlines are.

What if I’m too nervous to come to any events?
There have been a few times that someone new will email us to let us know they are coming to an event, and that they are a little shy. More often that not, after half an hour it will be impossible to tell who the newest people are! All of our regulars are very friendly and welcoming, and we always keep an eye out for anyone who is struggling to join in.

If you’re not really comfortable in talking to people you don’t know, it may help for you to come to a board games afternoon or a film night, so you don’t need to worry about conversation too much.

I already have lots to do outside of Mensa, why should I come to an event?
You don’t know what you’re missing until you try. There’s not a lot to lose, but potentially lots to gain! All of our Mensans have surprised us with hidden talents and unusual insights - everyone is interesting in a different way, and we know our lives would be a lot more plain without Mensans in them.